all served with

Sahara Mixed Grill   $16.99
Three skewers of our most popular natural wood mesquite grilled  kababs (shish kabab, kufta kabab, chicken tawook), shawerma garnished with grilled tomatoes and onions, with your choice of hummus or house salad

Shish Kabab   $13.99
Tow skewers of our in house home cut tender pieces of lamb with a variety of spices, grilled onions and tomatoes. marinated in  our in house marination.   

Kufta Kabab   $13.99
tow skewers of our special recipes of ground beef & lamb mixed with parsley, garnished with grilled onions and tomatoes.

Lamb Chops   $17.99
four  baby lamb chops marinated with our in-house seasonings, grilled to your liking, served with grilled onions and tomatoes.

Chicken Shish Tawook   $13.99

Two skewers of marinated tender pieces of chicken breast with assorted in-house spices, served with grilled onions, and tomatoes

1/2 Chicken Tikka Platter (bone in) $9.99
Marinated curry flavored chicken served with rice 


Sahara Vegetarian Combo Plate $9.99

6 pieces of falafel, hummus, beans, 2 stuffed pitas, salad, and baba chanouj

Falafel  6pcs $2.99  12pcs $5.99

​Chickpeas, onions, parsley, garlic and spices, deeply fried. served with tahini dip

Hummus   $4.99

Chickpeas pureed with tahini, olive oil and lemon juice. 

Labanah   $3.99

Middle Eastern yogurt topped with olive oil and mint 

​Baba Ghanouj   $4.99

Grilled eggplant pureed with tahini, olive oil and  lemon juice.

Muthawama   $5.99

Pureed garlic and potato dip garnished with parsley and olive oil 

Brides with Cheese   $6.99 

Two whole baked or grilled pita bread stuffed with special cheese. 

Vegetarian Skewers 

Skewer of Tomatoes   $1.99

Skewer of Jalapeno Peppers  $1.99 

Skewer of Onions  $1.99

Rainbow Skewer of Sweet Bell Peppers $2.99



Sahara Mixed Grill For 5 People  $79.99

A mix of shish kabab, kufta kabob, chicken shish tawook and baby lamb chops. Served with humus, baba ghanouj, fatoush salad, muthawama, rice, grilled tomatoes and onions.

Shawarma Platter For 5 People

Succulent layers of beef or chicken in rolls served with  fries, mixed sliced vegetables, pickles and 2 letter drink.

Chicken $33.99   

Mixed $35.99

Beef  $37.99


Pureed Chick peas with

tahini , olive oil and lemon juice

Small $3.99  Large $5.99

Labanah  $3.75
Authentic middle eastern

yogurt topped with 

olive oil and mint

Baba Ghanouj  

roasted  eggplant, tahini,

garlic and lemon. Garnished

with parsley and olive oil


**Musabaha   $3.99

 Chick peas mixed with



Pureed golden beans

Garnished with olive oil and

 lemon juice. choice of sauce.

Small $2.99   Large $5.99


Chickpeas, parsley, garlic &

spices, deeply fried  served with

​tahini dip

6pcs  $1.99    12  pcs $3.99

Brides with meat  $5.99

Two whole baked pita breads

stuffed with minced beef & lamp

marinated with parsley

and spices. baked or grilled.

Brides with cheese $ 5.99

Tow whole  pita breads stuffed

with special cheese. baked or grilled

**Kobah  3 pes$ 6.99

A shell of bulgur wheat and

minced beef stuffed with

ground beef, pine nuts and

spices. deeply fried. 

Soup Of The Day $2.99


Garlic Sauce    $.99

Tahini Sauce   $.99

red sauce          $.99

​green sauce       $.99

Fries                $1.99  

Rice                $2.99

Pita Bread      $.99


Fountain   $.99

Hot Tea    $ 1.99

Coffee       $1.49

Milk          $.99

Apple Juice  $1.99

Orange Juice  $1.99

Non-Alcoholic Beer   $2.99

Turkish Coffee $1.99

Bottled Water  $1 .49

​Green tea   $1.49



all served with french fries

Falafel Sandwich
Falafel patties topped with choice salad and pickles.

Meal $7.99 Sandwich $3.99

Chicken Shawarma
Succulent layers of chicken, served with mixed pickles and slices of vegetable  

Meal $8.99 Sandwich $4.99

​Beef shawarma

​succulent layers of beef served with pickles and slices of vegetables.

meal  $9.99   Sandwich  $5.99 


Meal $7.99   Sandwich $4.99
beef & lamb layers, lettuce, tomato, onion, feta cheese and tzatziki  sauce.

Chicken Shish Tawook
one Skewers of tender grilled  pieces of chicken breast with a variety of spices,   

Meal $9.99 Sandwich $5.99

Kufta Kabab   $9.99

one  skewers of our special recipe of ground beef & lamb mixed with parsley.

Meal $9.99 Sandwich $5.99


Meal $ 6.99 Sandwich $ 3.99            beef hamburger cooked to order

with all the trimmings of your choice

Crispy Chicken Zinger 

spicy fried  chicken Brest, lettuce, mayo & cheese 

meal  $7.99  sandwich $3.99

Steak fillet

beef or chicken

meal $ 8.99  sandwich $4.99





Finely chopped parsley,

bulgur wheat, tomatoes,

mint,  lemon juice and

olive oil.
Small $5.99 Large $9.99

Greek Salad   $4.99
Romaine lettuce, red onions,

tomatoes, Kalamata olives,

cucumbers & feta cheese served

with house vinaigrette & olive oil.

House Salad   $2.99
Romaine tomatoes, lettuce,

onions, & cucumber Served

with a choice dressing

Tahini Salad  

small $3.99  Large $5.99
Finley chopped parsley,

tomatoes, cucumber, lemon,

mint, onions, olive oil and tahini sauce.

Fatoush salad 

 Small $ 3.99 Large  $8.99

Mixed lettuce, tomatos, cucumber, scallions

 & parsley, topped with

baked pieces of pita bread.


​Beef or Chicken Shawerma

Succulent layers of beef or chicken, 

served with fries

Meal $4.99 Sandwich $2.99

Chicken Shish Tawook $4.99

Skewer of grilled  chicken served with rice or fries. 

Shish Kabab $4.99

Skewer of beef  served with rice

or fries


a whole pita bread served

with fries and pickles

Meal $4.99 Sandwich $2.49

Mozzarella Sticks   4pcs$4.99

Served with fries

Hot dogs

2 grilled  Hot Dogs $3.99

Served with fries

Cheeseburger $4.99

Burger cooked to order with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, mayo and served with fries